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- Top 3 Gap Year Travel Destinations for Amazing Adventures
- 5 Most Popular Volunteer Programs in India with No Experience Required

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 Top 3 Gap Year Travel Destinations for Amazing Adventures Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

International Volunteer Programs abroad is not only limited in providing great working experience for volunteers. It also offers a wonderful adventure holiday spree. Whoever seeks adventure will never get disappointed in getting the most memorable experience.

Many destinations for specific adventures are available to maximize the experience for the holiday and depending on what the state can provide.

The top two travel destinations for amazing adventures are as follows:

For a complete package for your holiday,Spain is one of the most picked destinations. From its beautiful sunny weather to the sandy and great resorts down to its cultural heritage,Spain offers the best and excellent experience for any tourist. This package includes a friendly and great support staff who will guide every tourist from the arrival of guest sat the airport and all throughout the duration.

The first activity in this package is Scuba Diving. The location is best for beginners to practice scuba diving as well. The second major activity is to visit Bunol in Valencia to witness their popular festival called Tomatina Festival. This festival is the biggest food fight of ripe tomatoes, where tomatoes are thrown at anyone. The next activity is to travel and explore Seville and to have a chance to skydive. Continue to explore the beauty of Madrid and then to San Femin in Pamplona to witness the Bull Festival.

Garden Route
This package starts from Cape Town to Outshoorn. Anyone can feast their eyes with the beauty of the place and up to the extreme adventure that this package has to offer with accommodating guides throughout the tour.

Activities include sightseeingas you travel from Cape Town to Garden Route, a scenic and a refreshing sight going to the wilderness between the Kaaimans River and Outeniqua Mountains. Guests have the option to visit Game Drive Safari and to have a glimpse of the elephants, capebuffalo, leopards, lions and rhinos, also known as South Africa’s Big Five. Otherwise, explore the beaches of Mossel Bay. On the next day, proceed to the Wilderness National Park for a two-hour canoe ride.Then explore Kynsna and witness the two striking sandstone cliffs.Next is a visit to the Bloukrans stunning bridge where guests have the option to experience bungee jumping. This package also includes a visit to the Cango district at the Ostrich Farm.

Experience a scenic view of the country’s most preserved territories and get the most adventurous holiday experience. This package offers the best trekking sites and guides for guests.

The guests will be catered to an overnight stay in a boat with breathtaking views of Rocky Islands having different physical bodies. In the next morning,take a boat trip going to Hanoi and witness a water puppet show,after which you will proceed to Lao CAI and Bach Ha and start a trekking adventure. Along the way, you will witness and explore the culture and way of living of the people. Trekkers will also get a chance to board a bamboo rift. These three destinations for International Volunteer Programs Abroad are most picked to deliver a sport-filled adventure for vacation.You can check the other destination list by visiting www.godiscoveraabroad.com and choose the best destination that suits your interest for adventure.

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 5 Most Popular Volunteer Programs in India with No Experience Required Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Many volunteers especially those who are first in volunteering don’t have any experience related to the program they like to participate in. Many of them are still studying or are into a different field of practice than their chosen volunteer program. But this is acceptable for some programs that do not have special requirements such as educational background or past work experience in related fields.

If ever you like to volunteer and would like to have freedom in choosing the program or project you want to be involved in, India can be one of the best destinations for you. There are several programs offered in India that is open to all interested volunteers who are able to meet the minimum age requirement of 17 or 18 years old:

1. English Teaching Program
Some people thought that you have to be a student taking up a teaching degree or a professional teacher if you want to be a part of the teaching volunteer programs India. But this is not true in most cases. You can be a volunteer teacher as long as you are fluent in English and are able to meet the age requirement which is generally 18 years old. Under this program, you can be assigned to teach elementary or high school students. You can have freedom on how you can help your student improve their proficiency in English or in other subjects such as Geography. You can also use your own visual aids or plan a special interactive activity that promotes learning.

2. Orphanage Program
The orphanage program is another program that is open to anyone who has the passion in caring for children. Many orphanages in India need additional staff for the day-to-day tasks such as preparing meals, feeding small children, entertaining children and helping them with school projects. Orphanage volunteers may find many of their tasks to be challenging at first, but as you continue on with the program, you will see that it can also be the most rewarding one.

3. Program for Disabled Children
Caring for the mentally or physically disabled children in India, particularly in the town of Palampur can also give a challenging experience for volunteers. You can participate in this program as long as you are willing to take the extra challenge. Participants of this program will assist disabled children in their daily life. You can give them assistance in doing things that they can hardly do on their own. At the same time, you can also encourage them to stay positive despite theirsituation.

4. Childcare Program
If you love to take care of babies and small children, the childcare program is the most suitable for you. You can work in day care centers where you will assist in entertaining, feeding and putting children to sleep. You may also help in other tasks such as cleaning the center.

5. Street Children Program
In many cities in India, street children are a common sight. You can help improve the lives of these children by working in care centers which provide assistance to children who live in the streets.

The street children program, disabled program, childcare program, orphanage program and the teaching volunteer programs India are just some of the most suitable programs for volunteers with no experience. Volunteering India offers this program to various locations in India. You could click here  to read more about these individual programs.

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